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          Welcome to the Backyard!

          Our dog-friendly restaurant in Dallas is where your best friend is welcome and new friends are waiting. If youre looking for something thats out of the ordinary, but still comfortably familiar, ya gotta visit us at Backyard! Games? Oh yeah. Great drinks and even better food? You know it. A dog at every table? Well, if we had our way yes! Like your own home, our Backyard is where you wanna hang. A place for your friends and their dogs to relax and indulge every dang day of the week. As dog-friendly as we are fun-driven, the Backyard is just what you would expect a homey, laid-back party atmosphere where friends come for the beer but stay for the tail.

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          Best cure for a ruff day!

          Weve all been exactly where youre at right now youve reached the end of a particularly hard day and all you really want to do is have a cold beer with friends. No. All you really want to do is enjoy a little me time with your favorite four-legged friend. And now youre wishing you were two people. Furtunately (yes, at Backyard, thats a word) for you, you live in Dallas and can do both! Admittedly, because we love dogs slightly more than the humans in our community, we dont just invite you to bring your pup to our dog-friendly bar and restaurant, we beg you to. Weve designed every inch of our 45,000-square-foot restaurant to cater to mans best friend, but invite you along to enjoy a much-deserved reward as well. Whos the good boy? Find out tonight at Backyard your new favorite spot in Dallas!

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